Court Ordered Community Service

The Humane Society of Bay County’s Community Service program is provided for individuals who are completing community service for court-ordered hours. For questions contact (850) 640-4708.

Please carefully review the details below:

General Guidelines

On-location community service work follows the below guidelines. All guidelines are for the safety of our staff and the community service workers as well as to serve in the best interests of the Organization.

  1. Community service work/shifts are scheduled, we do not take walk-ins under any circumstances
  2. Anyone under the age of 18 that is on-site MUST have a parent/guardian that is with them the entire time. The parent/guardian does not have to help but must remain on the premises for the duration of the scheduled shift. We do not allow anyone under 16 years of age
  3. Two (2) cancellations or no-shows of scheduled shifts will result in being ineligible for further service. If there are extenuating circumstances, it is up to the discretion of the Manager to allow continued service
  4.  At any point in time, if the community service worker is not meeting expectations or causing a disruption of normal business operations, the Manager can discontinue any further service
  5. Community service workers are asked to purchase a volunteer t-shirt ($5.00) and wear the shirt while on the premises
  6. The community service worker must arrive on time and attend the FULL shift in order to receive credit for each date attended

What Offenses Are Eligible

We will consider community service for most misdemeanor crimes that are classified as first or second degree crimes. All community service work is at our discretion.

The types of offenses that could be allowed are:

  • Most auto-related offenses such as DUI, speeding, reckless driving
  • Misdemeanor drug charges
  • Loitering
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Disorderly Conduct

Felony offenses are NOT eligible for community service with the Humane Society of Bay County.


All individuals that have been approved for our program MUST provide documentation verifying the type of offense, a work log to document hours, and contact information for the probation office or a contractor for the county that is overseeing the community service hours. Upload documents here.

Setting Up Hours

  • Fill out our short application or stop into the Thrift Store to pick one up. Applications are processed and reviewed within two business days of receipt. There is no guarantee of acceptance into our program
  • Shifts are scheduled on an as-needed basis that is based on the needs of the Organization
  • A photo ID is required, and a copy is kept on file with us
  • A copy of the court orders and contact information for the probation office are required. The court orders should CLEARLY SHOW THE OFFENCE. Upload documents here.
  • Please allow plenty of time to get the required hours completed, i.e. don’t call a week before your deadline hoping to get all your hours in that week, we may not be able to accommodate

In some situations, the probation officer may allow a supply or cash donation to complete the hour requirement. All supplies MUST be new & unopened. Donations under $10 are not eligible for hour credit. The accepted supplies and conversions are listed below:

Acceptable Supplies – MUST be exact brand listed Amount Hours Amount Hours Amount Hours
Purina Dog/Puppy Chow 12-18 lbs. 1 Hour 20-30 lbs. 2 Hours Above 30 lbs. 3 Hours
Purina Cat/Kitten Chow 12-18 lbs. 1 Hour 20-30 lbs. 2 Hours Above 30 lbs. 3 Hours
Tall Kitchen Trash Bags 13 gal. 40 qty. 1 Hour 80 qty. 2 Hours Above 80 3 Hours
Tall Kitchen Trash Bags 33 gal. 40 qty. 1 Hour 90 qty. 2 Hours Above 90 3 Hours
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 7 qty. 1 Hour 10 qty. 2 Hours Above 10 3 Hours
Tide PODS Liquid Laundry Detergent Pacs 25 qty. 1 Hour 32 qty. 2 Hours Above 32 3 Hours
Cascade Dishwasher Detergent Pods 40 qty. 1 Hour 60 qty. 2 Hours Above 60 3 Hours
Marathon Hardwound Roll Paper Towels, White 700 ft./roll, 6 rolls 3 Hours
Marathon Jumbo Roll 2-Ply Toilet Paper 1000 ft./roll, 6 rolls 2 Hours
Cash Donation $10.00 1 Hour

All supplies listed above can be dropped off at our Thrift Store, 1352 W. 15th Street Panama City FL 32401 – store hours. We will provide you with a form at that time showing the community service hours.

Please note that once you have completed your community service requirements, you may be eligible to become a regular volunteer.