Volunteer With Us

There are plenty of awesome volunteer opportunities with the Humane Society of Bay County.¬†Below you’ll find a list of the areas we can use your help as well as an application to volunteer.

Event Volunteers


Helping out at one of our fundraising events. This could be anything from manual labor in setting up tents, stages, to ticket selling, manning a vendor booth or clean up.

Thrift Store


Help restock the shelves, dust, set up display areas with the furniture and nic-nacs. Replenish the clothes racks with inventory from the warehouse. Help solicit furniture stores, retailers and storage facilities for unsellable furniture or unwanted or abandoned items for donation that we could sell in our thrift store.

Thrift Store Warehouse


Work in the warehouse processing the donations that come in and keeping the donated inventory neat, orderly and uncluttered.

Animal Care


Working with the animals requires a short training period before a volunteer can be hands on. Once that is accomplished, volunteers will assist in: taking the dogs for a walk in the exercise area, brushing and bathing the cats and/or dogs, socialization of the cats, cleaning cages and/or kennels, and spending time playing and snuggling with the cats and/or dogs.

Front Desk Assistant


This position requires a little training. Once that is accomplished, help process the adoption applications by making phone calls to verify the various questions the applicant answers to help us ascertain if the placement is a good fit for the animal. Offsite adoption assistant (would work alongside a staff employee at locations like PetSmart or at events where we have animals for adoption).

Foster Care


Provide temporary homes for animals awaiting adoption. Fostering a homeless cat or dog increases the number of lives our organization can save from the kill shelters in Bay County. The more space we have available in our shelter, the more we can rescue and ultimately, the staggering number of animals euthanized in our area, will decrease. Click here to become a Foster Caregiver.

Grant Writing


Anyone with proven abilities in the grant writing profession is much needed.

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