Humane Society of Bay County Thrift & Gift offers a 90-day consignment of furniture and household items. Photos of your items are required prior to acceptance of consignment items. For questions contact our Thrift Store at (850) 640-4708.

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Consignment Terms

General Conditions: Under the terms of this Consignment Contract, the Consignor agrees to deliver goods to be sold by the Humane Society of Bay County Thrift & Gift, referred to in this document as “Consignee”. Consignee agrees to place Consignor’s merchandise in store for sale. Acceptance of merchandise for sale is at the discretion of Consignee.

Consignor understands that while Consignee agrees to use its best efforts to obtain a sale of the merchandise, there is no guarantee a sale will occur. Consignment items are not considered tax exempt.

Consignment Terms: Consignment period for 90 days. Discounts, if applied, are applied monthly. After 30 days in stock the item may be discounted up to 15%, after 60 days the discount is up to 30%. Both markdowns are from the original selling price. Consignors may not pick up unsold merchandise before consignment term expiration date.

Consignment Term Expiration: It is the responsibility of the Consignor to pick up all unsold merchandise within five (5) days after Consignment Term expiration Consignee reserves the right to dispose of or add to store inventory any unsold and unclaimed merchandise 95 days from the consignment date without notice or payment to the Consignor and without liability on the part of Consignee (Consignor will receive a donation receipt only for the items added to store inventory). It is the responsibility of the Consignor to track the 90-day consignment term expiration.

Payment to Consignors: Payment checks for sales will be mailed to Consignors no later than the 10th day of the month following the end of the Consignment Term to the address listed on the Consignment Contact. Items are paid out at a 50/50 split after taxes are taken out of the Sold Price. If your account is over $20 dollars we mail a check. If it is less than $20 then the Consignor can pick up the payment in cash.

Merchandise Pricing: The initial selling price for consigned merchandise is established by Consignee. In determining the price, factors such as brand, age, condition, and market demand will be considered.

Merchandise Receipt: Each time merchandise is consigned, Consignor will need to sign off on a Merchandise Receipt of items consigned on that date. It is Consignor’s responsibility to review and sign the Merchandise Receipt for accuracy each time merchandise is consigned. Consignee cannot be held liable for losses resulting from incomplete or inaccurate information on the Merchandise Receipt.

Items Lost, Stolen, or Damaged: All reasonable care will be taken of articles consigned, however, they are left at the Consignor’s risk.

Item Drop Off: Consignor is responsible for drop off and pickup of items. If pick up is requested, a fee starting at $25 will be charged and is dependent on availability by Consignee to be able to accommodate the pickup. Consignee does not provide delivery of unsold goods. Consignor is responsible for pickup of all unsold items.