Moe ( Male : 3 Months )

OK with Cats: Unknown

OK wtih Dogs: Yes

Lab/pit mix- brown/black brindle

Moe was surrendered with 3 other siblings, you guessed it Eeny, Meeny, and Miny, because the previous owner’s female dog had puppies and they couldnt keep them all.
He is super sweet and we predict he will be no more than 50lbs full grown.
He still needs to be neutered and that will be done before we send him to his forever home.

Eggsy ( Male : Neutered 1 1/2 Years )

OK with Cats: Unknown

OK with Dogs: Yes

Hound mix- Brown/Black 35lbs

Eggsy was surrendered to us due to his puppy like behavior. He would play too ruff with the smaller dogs and wasnt a good fit.
He would do great with other dogs his size with the same energy level. He means well and has no ill intentions when playing with others. Kids would love him because he is always on go. A big yard is a must along with regular trips to dog parks and the beach. 🙂