Scout ( Male : Neutered 1 Year )

OK with Cats: Unknown

OK with Dogs: Yes

Bloodhound/Lab mixes- Brown/Tan

Scout was surrendered along with his sister Bella (the one on the red leash). We are trying to adopt them out together because they do seem to be bonded. There will be no adoption fee discount.
Unfortunately, if they are to hard to adopt out due to the stipulation of them having to go together, we will eventually have to separate them for there own well being and to give them a better chance at being adopted. This is to avoid them spending a long and damaging amount of time in a kennel.
They were surrendered due to being escape artists and upsetting the neighbors. If you adopt them (or one) you will be responsible for keeping them contained and figuring out what works best for them. They may just have to be dogs that strictly get leash walked and monitored at all times when in a yard. If you fall in love with them that is truly not a hard task nor a deal breaker.