Ollie ( Male : Neutered 11 Years )

OK with Cats: Unknown

OK with Dogs: Yes

Fiest mix- White/Black

Ollie is a sweet boy who we rescued from Bay County Animal Control.
He was abandoned by his people we assume because they picked him up as a stray an nobody claimed him.
That being said, he does have some health issues. The number one thing being that he has dental disease. The other issues that he suffers from are things like arthritis and he would need to be kept on joint supplements.
We would love it if someone would open up there home and let him join the family for the few years he has left. It will require patience and understanding. Just like any older dog though he would need regular trips to the vet to make sure he is comfortable as he gets older.
His personality is VERY laid back. We often find him snoozing in his kennel buried under a big blanket without a care in the world.
If you are looking for a couch potato/cuddle buddy, Ollie is your man.

Approximate weight: 40lbs