National Puppy Day: Local Shelters Encouraging Adoption

BAY COUNTY, Fla. – You might want to give your pet an extra treat or another walk on Friday, because it’s National Puppy Day.

National Puppy Day is a day to celebrate all dogs whether they are puppies, or puppies at heart.

If you are not a dog owner, Bay County Humane Society Assistant Manager, Lauryn Gill, said anyone interested in getting a dog should consider adoption.

“Adoption is the best route to go because there are animals that are being left abandoned left and right — we get people that bring in their animals just because they can’t take care of them anymore,” she said.

Bay County Animal Services Assistant Manager, David Chasteen, said when you adopt from shelters like Bay County Animal Services or the Humane Society of Bay County, you are not just paying for the dog itself.

“They’re spayed, they’re neutered, they’re microchipped they got all their shots up to date, if not they come home with a medical history that you can take to your vet,” he said.

But Gill said anyone interested in getting a pet should only adopt one if they are ready for the full time commitment.

“I encourage people that have the time and can responsibly handle an animal to definitely adopt because they are so therapeutic and they’re there for you when nobody else is,” she said.

The Humane Society and Animal Services are constantly receiving new pets, and you can visit your local shelter to see the animals available for adoption.

But if you are not ready to adopt, Gill suggested visiting a shelter just to play with or walk the animals.