Family reunites with Lost Dog after Hurricane Michael


BAY COUNTY, Fla (WJHG/WECP) – The Burins lost pretty much everything due to hurricane Michael, their home, personal belongings and their 5-year-old dog, Quin.
but the family didn’t lose hope.

“Quin being Quin, you ever see the old picture, live you’re life like the gate was left open…that would be Quin, and we have been looking for him ever since, knocking on every door, just working around the neighborhood, because I was convinced he was alive and with somebody, Quin’s owner, Patrick Burins said.

Thanks to good Samaritans, Quin was returned to the Burins. The Bruckschin found him among all the rubble and debris while they were searching for gas.

They called the Bay County Humane Society, but decided to foster Quin because the shelter was overcrowded.

“We nick named him Mikey from the storm, Hurricane Michael, and we called him hurricane mike,” Cory Bruckshin said.

They too lost their home and dog, but found him shortly after.

“You know we couldn’t imagine what that family was going through because we only lost our dog for and hour, they’ve lost them for days…we are just excited we are able to help in this time in the devastation,” Marla Bruckschin said.

With all the damage and devastation both families have gone through, this happy ending is glimpse of hope.

“The house and possessions are no big deal, I mean it’s horrible, but we are very lucky that we are all safe and i got my guys back,” Patrick Burins said.

The ASPCA and the Florida State Animal Response Coalition, are the two groups operating the emergency shelter at the Humane Society of Bay County and facilitating reunions.

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