W. Frank Hunt



After supporting HSBC for several years, I’m honored now to serve as a Board Member.   I retired from Lockheed Martin Aerospace after 25 years of service as a Senior Staff Member supporting various disciplines within Operations.  International travel and relocations were a standard way of life.  Responsibilities included contracts management, corporate audits, and the development and delivery of specialized training.  Community support involved College level training and Regional Planning Council support.

Animal Rescue Experience
My experience began after spending many summers with my maternal grandparents in rural Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  My grandfather bred, raised, rescued, boarded, and trained country hound dogs.  The real experience began while I was taking care of the dogs that didn’t learn well.  Those dogs just didn’t understand that sneaking into my grandmother’s kitchen and attempting to steel leftovers from the table was worse than fighting with a racoon.  Huntsville, Alabama was named after my ancestors.  My paternal grandparents in Huntsville owned a small grocery store but didn’t own any dogs, just a “mouser cat”.  I presently am supervised by 3 very spoiled dachshunds: Griffy, Cookie, and Chunky – guess which one is in the picture above.  They each have several nicknames too numerous to list here.  I also rescued a small parrot while visiting our local zoo.  A lady who was moving and unable to care for her any longer brought her into the zoo.  She had told them it was a parakeet … Casey is a very “plump” Quaker Parrot.  The zoo was grateful when we offered to care for her.  Sometimes rescuers are just in the right place at the right time – like standing in line to pay for your zoo entrance ticket.  Casey provides us with endless entertainment every day.  My parakeets are a long story, I started with two….

Extra Curricular Activities
Staying active is easy for me, especially when I’m pretending to playing golf.  I go kayaking quite a bit, have certifications for sailing and scuba diving, and still travel often.  Being able to help out with the animals is just pure fun and rewarding to me.

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