Terri Davidson




Terri and Henry-1After I started fundraising for the Humane Society of Bay County through my store, The Wine Dog, in 2006, I became more directly involved and the fundraisers grew bigger and bigger. I also started volunteering at the thrift store warehouse for clean-up campaigns. The Executive Director at the time, Mary Sanger, asked me if I would become a board member and eventually I became Vice President (in 2009) and then President (in 2010). I feel that I bring marketing, fundraising, and general non-profit experience to the HSBC as well as an understanding and appreciation of working with people who love animals and volunteer because of their passion for animals.

Animal Rescue Experience
In 2001, I started working as a volunteer at an animal shelter in Anderson, SC. It was a government run facility and it was a “kill” shelter. As a volunteer, I ran the volunteer program, and a weekly shelter dog walk at a local park. Raised funds and built a dog park on the premises of the shelter, and ran a sponsored ad in the local paper which showcased 17 animals, organized fundraisers and adoption events, fostered sick dogs and rehabilitated them so that they could be adopted, and helped to bring about Governmental change so that there were improvements in the conditions at the shelter.

In 2002 I joined the board of directors of the Anderson County Humane Society, a non-shelter organization that focused on a spay/neuter certificate program, fostering, lost and found and animal transports, (transporting an adopted animal over long distances to their new home).

After moving to Boone, NC. I volunteered with three organizations there including: Watauga Animal Control (kill shelter), High Country Friends for Life (foster group), and Watauga Humane Society (no-kill shelter). I supported these organizations by fostering animals when animal control needed to make room and participating in off-site adoption events every Saturday.

Why I Love Animals
I grew up with a love of animals. My kitty cat was my constant companion as was the family dog. When I grew up and left home for the first time, I stopped on the way out of town in route to Tampa. FL and picked up a puppy to go with me.

I start my every day with a cup of coffee and my dogs sharing the lounge chair with me. It makes the world right and keeps me grounded and balanced…although some days I probably should go back home to the chair with the dogs and get re-balanced.

I presently have five dogs. Never meant to have that many but…it worked out that way. They all have their story. Four of the five are adopted and all are now seniors. Being so involved with animals puts one in a position to see far more animals in need and greatly increases the chances of bringing another dog home. In my case, the dog has to fit in with “The Herd” that already lives with my husband and me.

Each dog or cat is unique and wonderful in their own way and they enrich my life greatly. I love to watch people and their pets and it brings great joy to my heart to see a happy pet. The joy of a child, the joy of a pet; it makes the world a better place. This is what motivates me to help the dogs and cats that are in need.

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