Melissa Frye
Interim Treasurer

Melissa2I have served on the board of directors since January 2010 and have been involved with the Humane Society of Bay County for over 10 years as either a volunteer or rescuer. I became a board member because I felt there was a strong need for someone with a solid animal and financial background to help solidify the board’s direction. I was already doing occasional volunteer work so it was time to step up and do more.

I feel that I bring to the HSBC a willingness to work and a strong desire to reach goals. Because of my extensive background with dogs and my extremely varied background in business, I can work in almost any area the organization needs me. I’m really good at organizing events and making the most of a limited source of people and money.

Animal Rescue Experience
I’ve also been involved with German Shepherd rescue for more than 10 years. Mostly as a transport driver – my first run was a German Shepherd from Miami Animal Control that was going to Washington State! I worked with CUR (Canine Underground Railroad), East Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue, Tampa Bay German Shepherd Rescue, Get Them There Rescue Transport, Truck-n- Paws Rescue Transport and I did a lot of independent work and fostering.

Extra Curricular Activities
In addition to my service with the HSBC, I am the Current President (8yrs now) of the Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Former Training Director for Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers, still do networking for rescue transports, Sgt/Sr. K9 Handler for Bay County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue K9 Team, I train my dogs for Agility, Obedience, Pet Therapy, Schutzhund, AKC Tracking, Rally Obedience and I teach classes for the dog club in Obedience, Scent work and pet therapy. I’ve, also, got a fairly extensive educational background in Canine Aggression (I don’t do much in that field any longer).

Why I Love Animals
About 14 years ago, I went thru an emotional crisis. Quite honestly, I was a mess and I didn’t really see any way out. Finally, I entered therapy. My psychologist was a man named Dr. Clell Warner. Dr. Warner sent me to my first dog obedience class with my rescued White German Shepherd, Jamieson. He wanted me to do this so that I could learn to say “NO” and mean it. So I went to class and when Jamieson needed it I’d tell him “No”. In time, it got easier to say “No” to my family and friends when I needed to do so. Jamieson and I became a team, true partners. It changed my life and I recovered. As the years passed, I’d take various training classes and the instructors would ask folks why they were in the class, time and again, someone would pipe up and say that their Doctor told them to come so they could learn to say “No”.

Dr. Warner was a smart man. When he sent me and the other folks to dog training, he didn’t really send us there to learn to say “NO”. He was sending us to learn about that unconditional love that only a pet can provide. He wanted us to know that we didn’t have to be perfect to be loved. And Dr. Warner was right, it didn’t matter to Jamieson if I was good at training, terrible at it or anything else and he always showed me that wonderful special unconditional love.

That’s the real secret to being an animal lover, learning to accept and RETURN that unconditional love for our pets and those animals that cross our paths. Learn to say “No” and you start learning to open your heart.

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