Mary Gauden

Vice President and Marketing Committee Chair


Mary Bio Pic_2Growing up on a farm taught me a lot of things, like how I was not a morning person and that work always interrupted my playtime, but mostly I remember the animals. I loved being around animals and got to experience raising a wide range of pets; dogs, cats, geese, ducks, sheep, goats, horses to name a few. After moving off the farm, I spent time going to college and living in Madison, WI, I didn’t get to have much for a pet. Apartment life was limited to fish and one of my favorite pets of all time, a beautiful bearded dragon named Lady. Several years ago I moved to Panama City Beach and adopted two lab mixes from Animal Control. It was with those two adorable puppies that I knew I wanted to help find homes for other homeless animals.

About 5 years ago, I started volunteering on the Marketing Committee group, at the request of my all-star counterpart Sean Brosnan, and eventually started helping on the foster program. My background is primary marketing and event planning. I’ve planned a lot of events, for the Humane Society as well as chaired Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for a couple years. Since joining the board, I’ve taken over as the Marketing Committee Chair and help out with the website. In my spare time I recently completed my Masters Degree with emphasis on Web Design and Security. I am proud to be on a Board that is diverse, smart and most of all, extremely committed to getting rescue animals in a home.

Animal Rescue Experience 
Well I’ve adopted a few dogs now, 1 being a failed foster attempt as the little tyke never left- something everyone should try. I’ve advocated to everyone I know about adoption and getting their pets sprayed/neutered. Successfully got several people to adopt, probably from my shear persistence… My pups are my children and can’t imagine anything better than snuggles and kisses from my fur babies.

Extra Curricular Activities

Anything outdoors and napping, although boating and beachin it are probably my favorite as I can be both outdoors and napping in the sun. Spending time with family and friends – who I couldn’t do this without .

Why I Love Animals

“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already things I am”. That pretty much sums up what my animals mean to me and what any animal can mean to anyone of you.

—Quote Anonymous, Photo Desiree Gardner Photography—


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